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138 Liverpool St
Hobart, Tasmania


A hand-picked selection of products from Tasmania's finest designer makers. Our physical Pop Up Store is now closed but please get in touch with any inquiries.

Linda Fredheim

Linda Fredheim

Furniture Designer + Maker

Linda Fredheim graduated with a BFA (Design in Wood) from the University of Tasmania in 1992, and now runs her own practice from a studio shared with partner, Stuart Houghton. Her primary interest in furniture design and making is in the function and associations of storage and collecting. 

I aim to design and make furniture pieces that have a quiet presence, objects that don’t demand attention, but invite interaction with the viewer through the exploration of the details of the piece.  I like to make pieces with drawers and compartments that ask to be opened and explored, and so take a lot of care over the handles, often custom-making them, as it is in the process of interaction that the viewer gets to know the piece of furniture.

I quite like challenges of multiples in terms of developing and refining the design and production process, with each iteration varying slightly in terms of size, proportion, materials and detailing. 

Many of the pieces that I have produced over the last few years have used Tasmanian’s history and geography as a starting point, and though the use of text, images and maps, the pieces have aimed to tell the story of an event or person.  My newer jewellery work continues the use of icons though the reduction of 3 dimensional forms into 2 dimensional pieces.